Nobel Van Lines - Damaged furniture, added charges, unresponsive management


These guys quoted me one price and then charged me an additional $200 when we got to my new place. When I questioned it, they threatened to take my things to their storage facility and charge me storage fees (on top of the trumped up moving fees) until everything was paid.They took 8 hrs to move only 1 room of furniture and a few boxes just 20 miles.

To add insult to injury, they damaged my brand new furniture and the manager never responded to me when I reported this.

They are a ripoff. You have been warned.

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Nobel Van Lines-Worst Movers Ever!

Naperville, Illinois 0 comments

Nobel Van Lines! I moved my household goods from Southern Florida.

I was beyond outraged when two movers (an older man and a young kid) showed up at my new residence in Indiana and unloaded Smashed boxes (almost every single one), Expensive side table with the corner broken OFF, Broken dinner plates, and shattered full length mirror! No Joke! They dropped my new Chaise Lounge and TV on the parking lot pavement Right In Front Of Me! Not to mention how rude they were...

they asked for bottles of water, which I cordially supplied, they drank them then threw the empty plastic bottles down in my parking lot where all my neighbors would have ran them over. I ended up picking up after them! And then! The older man asked to use my restroom.

I allowed it of course and he came out almost 30 minutes later... I had to take a candle in there and light it and leave my front door open to air out my apartment! Other unsuspecting customers had their things on the same truck. I saw how carelessly everything was packed in there.

I took pictures of everything.

I truly sypathize with the customers who received their possessions after I did, I'm sure they are submitting a grievance letter and damage report also!!! I wouldn't use this company ever again and most certainly will not be recommending them to anyone!

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